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Genetic Nutrition Bio Whey


Ultra Premium Fast Digesting Protein
Per Serving Protein: 32.14g

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3 Reasons You Need This Product:

  • Exclusive premium Swiss grass fed, free range protein for guaranteed quality
  • Incredible UMF (ultra-micro fine filtration) technology for faster digesting protein and no bloating
  • Added premium digestive enzymes for enhanced protein absorption.

    Why do we source milk from Switzerland and not from regional producers?

    Our Grass-Fed Cows

    • Our Cows Graze outdoors for 320+ days.
    • Our Cows only produce a healthy 11 liters of fresh, Grass-Fed milk per day, compared to other cows which produce 20 liters, which is very stressful for the animals.
    • Our Cows have plenty of space, two genetic cows graze on an area equivalent to a football field.

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Chocolate Ganache, Coffee Caramel, Fresh Strawberry

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