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MyFitness Olympia Edition Dark Chocolate Peanut butter with Added Whey: Crunchy

Elevate your snacking with MyFitness Olympia Edition Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter with Added Whey. Indulge in the rich blend of dark chocolate and roasted peanuts, enhanced by the crunch of finely chopped nuts. This treat isn’t just delicious—it’s also packed with whey protein for muscle support. A balance of flavor and nutrition that caters to your cravings and active lifestyle.

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MyFitness Peanut Butter
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Tanvi Fitness Private Limited, 287-288, Landmark Business Hub,
Tokarkhada, Dadra Nagar Haveli, Silvassa 396230 India
FSSAI Lic. No. 10019023000027
[email protected], +91 70966 99111


SuperNutri Foods, 114/2 Palitana Road, Talaja 364140 Gujarat
Country of Origin: India

Indulge your taste buds and fuel your body with the exquisite MyFitness Olympia Edition Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter with Added Whey. This delectable treat combines the rich flavors of dark chocolate and roasted peanuts to create a harmonious blend that will tantalize your senses with every bite. Crafted to cater to fitness enthusiasts and flavor aficionados alike, this crunchy peanut butter is elevated to new heights by the infusion of high-quality whey protein.

Imagine spreading velvety dark chocolate peanut butter over your morning toast, drizzling it atop your favorite pancakes, or even incorporating it into your post-workout smoothies. The decadent fusion of dark chocolate and roasted peanuts ensures a taste that’s both luxurious and comforting, catering to your cravings without compromising on nutritional excellence.

Crafted for those who prioritize both taste and performance, this Olympia Edition peanut butter goes beyond a mere spread. The inclusion of whey protein elevates it to a functional treat, providing an extra boost of muscle-nourishing protein to support your active lifestyle. With each spoonful, you’re not just indulging in a treat for your taste buds, but also replenishing your body with essential amino acids that aid in muscle recovery and growth.

The crunchy texture of this peanut butter adds an exciting dimension to your culinary experience. As you savor the rich, satisfying crunch of finely chopped peanuts, you’ll discover a symphony of flavors that dance across your palate. The delightful interplay between the nutty, earthy notes of peanuts and the silky sweetness of dark chocolate creates a balance that’s nothing short of sublime.

Whether you’re an athlete striving for peak performance, a health-conscious individual looking for a delicious yet nutritious snack, or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life, the MyFitness Olympia Edition Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter with Added Whey is tailored to meet your desires. It’s a celebration of flavor, nutrition, and innovation – a testament to the notion that indulgence and wellness can indeed coexist in perfect harmony. So go ahead, open a jar and savor the extraordinary – a true embodiment of the Olympia spirit in a jar of peanut butter.

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