This is Roelly Winklaar — a bodybuilding boss who’s no stranger to championship titles. ­In fact, he’s brought home so many wins that fans worldwide have adorned him with the nickname, “The Beast.” And with The Olympia in his sights, he’ll be spending this year bringing that nickname to life in the gym. Because in his mind, winning isn’t an option — it’s the only option.

But that’s not all there is to Roelly. During his most recent visit to BPI Sports headquarters, we sat down and got a little more personal with the world-renowned bodybuilder to bring you the inside scoop.

  1. He’s a natural and he’s got the win to show it. He won his first competition without any supplements, nutrition plans, or much background on the sport at all. We guess you could say he was built for bodybuilding.
  2. When he’s off-the-clock he’s on island time, visiting his family on his native island, Curaçao.
  3. Before he hit the stage he played the field, living out his dream of being a fútbol player with professional clubs.
  4. That M&M’s rumor you’ve been hearing about may not be all it’s cracked up to be. The real story?
    A famous German photographer captured him behind the scenes eating some M&M’s during a competition. The next day the same photographer gifted him with a duffel bag full of them. Now whenever Roelly goes to Germany, people bring him bundles of M&M’s. But if you ask him, he could, “take ‘em or leave ‘em, it’s not really a thing.”
  5. He’s got moves on and off the stage. Not only can he backflip, he’s known to cut a rug to his favorite R&B classics — his go-to music in the gym.
  6. His favorite food could just be his secret weapon. Yambo, or what he describes as a “slimy seafood soup” made with okra, is a national dish from Curaçao and is believed among islanders to bring power to those who eat it.
  7. Bodybuilding runs in the family. His younger brother Quincy “The Q” Winklaar is also a pro competitor. Roelly inspired him and helped mold his training routine, which led to Quincy receiving his pro card back in 2011.
  8. When it comes to pets, he prefers a slither to a snuggle. Avoiding the pet hair drama that comes with most furry friends, Roelly used to spend his days with his favorite snake instead.
  9. He’s known to hit the snooze button — but for good reason. During training season, Roelly recovers with 12 to 13 hours of sleep a night.
  10. Even he can’t resist a good cheat day. While he was here, we had him take on a chicken sandwich taste test challenge between Popeye’s and Chick-Fil-A. In the end, his favorite came out on top – Chick-Fil-A all the way.